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Need car insurance, but don't want to pay for it yet?

Can you buy car insurance without paying anything upfront?
If you're looking for car insurance without a deposit the bad news is that it doesn't exist (regardless of what certain other sites will try to tell you); the good news is that there are still ways in which you can buy car insurance with monthly repayments, without having to pay out a deposit right now. No deposit car insurance doesn't exist because a car insurance policy is a contract, and a contract requires money to change hands for it to be effective. However, a lot of car insurers will offer monthly repayments now, and many of them will accept quite small deposits but even these can be paid by credit card giving you more time before you have to pay any money yourself.
How much will be charged to my credit card now?
Usually your card will be charged for one twelfth of the premium, and then equal monthly repayments are deducted for a further 11 months. A snag is that insurance companies usually charge a little more for monthly repayments but sometimes there are special offers which can cut these extra charges down substantially or even eliminate them completely. To find the best offer in the shortest time you are probably best going to a price comparison site which is designed to not only find you the cheapest quotations but also tell you the deposit necessary and the monthly repayments, so that you can pick the exact policy to suit your needs.

It is highly possible that by using the right comparison engine you could save far more money than you would have to pay out in interest charges anyhow.
If I'm paying monthly, can I cancel at any time?
Yes but there will probably be charges to pay. If someone agrees to make monthly repayments, it is essential that this is carried out. There are innumerable complaints by motorists who are being chased by insurance companies for charges when they have simply stopped paying their repayments on their car insurance, but they only have themselves to blame since these charges are almost inevitably clearly laid out in the policy documents. Furthermore, motorists who fail to fulfil their obligations in this way can end up on a nonpayer's database which can greatly reduce their abilities to find cheap car insurance in the future.
Can I still buy a cheap policy?
Yes. So-called 'car insurance without a deposit' is now the fastest growing sector of the car insurance market and so competition amongst insurers is very high. Many of them in fact offer very large introductory discounts to motorists who sign up with them for the first time, often at a price below the level at which they can make any profit, since they hope to make these on future renewals and by selling other products such as home and life insurance. A good specialist price comparison engine can find these offers for you without the necessity for spending hours or even days searching through the Internet! Click the link above to compare quotations.

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